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Crawley Football: An Overview

This article provides an overview of Crawley Football, including its history, team successes, and future plans.

Crawley Football: An Overview

Crawley Football is a football club based in Crawley, West Sussex, England, and has been playing in the Football League since 2011. Founded in 1896, the club has a long and proud history of success, having won the Conference Premier title in 2010 and gained promotion to the Football League two years later. With an ever-growing fan base and a team of talented players, Crawley Football is certainly one to watch this season. The club's current manager is John Yems, who has been in charge since 2018. Under his leadership, the team has achieved some impressive results, with Crawley Football currently sitting in eighth place in League Two. With Yems at the helm, the club looks set to continue its upward trajectory in the coming years. Crawley Football is no stranger to success, having won multiple trophies over the years. In 2012, they won the Johnstone's Paint Trophy, while in 2014 they lifted the Conference Premier trophy for the first time.

The team has also reached the FA Cup fifth round on three occasions, most recently in 2017. Crawley Football is more than just a football team; it is a community hub that brings people together. With its passionate fans and vibrant atmosphere, Crawley Football is an important part of the local area and a great source of pride for residents. Whether you're a lifelong supporter or just discovering the team for the first time, Crawley Football has something for everyone. The history of Crawley Football dates back to 1896, when it was founded as an amateur club. The team joined the West Sussex Football League in 1903 and enjoyed several successful seasons in the league.

In 1948, they entered the Southern League and won the championship four times. In 2011, the club achieved a major milestone when they were promoted to the English Football League for the first time in their history. The team has achieved notable success since joining the English Football League, winning the League Two title in 2015 and achieving promotion to the League One in 2020. They have also enjoyed several impressive cup runs, reaching the fourth round of the FA Cup in 2010/11 and the fifth round of the Carabao Cup in 2019/20. Off the pitch, Crawley Football has made a number of positive changes to improve its profile and performance.

In 2017, they invested heavily in their youth academy, resulting in several talented young players coming through the ranks. They have also made significant investments in their stadium and training facilities. Looking ahead to the future, Crawley Football will be aiming to build on their recent successes. Their focus will be on continuing to improve their youth academy and developing their core of young players. They will also be targeting promotion to the Championship and establishing themselves as a permanent fixture in this level of football.

To do this, they will need to continue investing in their facilities, recruiting talented players, and ensuring they have a strong management team in place. With these steps in place, Crawley Football should be well placed to achieve their goals and become a prominent force in English football.


The current Crawley Football squad consists of 24 players from a range of different countries. The team is managed by former player John Yems, who took charge in 2019. Yems has been credited with helping the club achieve their promotion to the English Football League in 2011, and is now looking to guide them to further success in the future. The squad contains a mixture of experienced players from around the globe, as well as some promising local talent. The team have had several international stars over the years, including Paraguayan midfielder Marcelo Djaló, and Australian forward Mathew Leckie. Crawley Football have a long-standing commitment to developing local talent, and have several promising young players coming through the ranks.

One of these is eighteen-year-old defender Kieran O’Hara, who was signed from Manchester United in 2019 and has since become a key member of the team.


Crawley Football have an active fanbase who regularly attend matches and follow the team on social media. The club have worked hard to build relationships with their supporters through initiatives such as match day giveaways and fan forums. These efforts have paid off, with Crawley Football having one of the most passionate and loyal fan bases in the English football leagues. The club has also increased its reach through digital platforms, engaging with fans from around the world through its various social media channels. The team’s supporters have played an important role in the club’s recent success, with their passionate support helping to spur them on to victory in important matches.

This is reflected in the club’s recent accolades, including their promotion to the English Football League in 2011. Crawley Football are committed to rewarding their loyal fanbase, with the club offering regular match day giveaways as well as hosting fan forums and other events. These initiatives help to strengthen the bond between the club and its supporters, ensuring that Crawley Football will continue to have a dedicated and passionate fanbase for many years to come.


Crawley Football play their home games at Broadfield Stadium, which has been their home since 1997. The stadium has a capacity of 6,134 and hosts all of Crawley's home fixtures. With a seating capacity of over 6,000, Broadfield Stadium provides Crawley Football fans with an exciting and vibrant atmosphere for each match. The stadium is well-equipped with modern amenities, including two large screens at either end of the pitch that allow fans to keep up to date with all the action.

The pitch at Broadfield Stadium is made up of natural grass and is renowned for its excellent playing surface. The club also boasts excellent facilities for players, including changing rooms, a medical room, gym and a canteen. This ensures that the team has everything they need to prepare for each game and perform at their best. Crawley Football take great pride in their stadium and the atmosphere it creates on matchdays.

The club also offers a range of activities for fans on non-matchdays, such as guided tours, museum visits and other events. Crawley Football have established a successful history of over a century in the English football leagues, and have achieved notable success in recent years, such as promotion to the English Football League in 2011. The club looks ahead to the future with ambition and determination, investing in their youth academy and facilities in order to target promotion to the Championship. With such ambition, Crawley Football could become one of England's most successful clubs.