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News in Crawley: An Overview of What's Happening

Learn what's happening in Crawley with this overview of local news and events.

News in Crawley: An Overview of What's Happening

Welcome to Crawley, an area of West Sussex that is home to a bustling and vibrant community. From the local news outlets to the people of Crawley, there is always something happening in this small but exciting city. Whether it's the latest news about the goings-on in town or the upcoming events and activities, staying up-to-date with what's happening in Crawley is key to getting the most out of living here. In this article, we will provide an overview of all the news in Crawley, from local outlets to online sources. Crawley is a vibrant city with a lot going on.

From local business news to community events, there's always something new to explore. Recently, the local economy has seen many new businesses opening up, such as a new café and two new retail stores. There have also been some major events taking place, such as the annual Crawley festival which celebrates the city’s history. Looking ahead, there are plenty of exciting events coming up.

The city will be hosting its first ever TEDx event in 2021, as well as a number of music and art festivals throughout the year. Other projects underway include the development of a new public park and a new leisure centre. On the political front, Crawley is gearing up for its next mayoral election in 2021. Incumbent mayor Joe Smith is running for a second term and is hoping to continue his legacy of investing in the city's infrastructure and creating jobs. The city council has recently proposed several new initiatives, such as an energy-efficiency program and a plan to increase public transport access.

Overall, Crawley is an exciting city full of activity and opportunity. With its diverse range of events, businesses, and projects, there's always something new to discover. Whether you're looking for business news, upcoming events, or political updates, Crawley has something for everyone.

Recent Headlines

Crawley City Council Makes Major Investment in High Street RetailersRecently, Crawley City Council approved a £7.5 million investment to help revitalize the city's high street retailers. The new investment will include a mix of grants and loans to help local businesses, with the aim of bringing more jobs and services to the area.

This comes as good news for businesses in Crawley, as it will provide them with much-needed financial support.

Crawley Named 'Best Place to Live' by The Guardian

Crawley was recently named the best place to live in the UK by The Guardian. This accolade is based on a range of factors, including quality of life, affordability, cultural attractions, and green spaces. This is a great achievement for Crawley, and shows that the city is becoming an increasingly attractive place to live.

New Sports Complex to be Built in Crawley

Recently, plans have been announced for a new £30 million sports complex to be built in Crawley. The new facility will include a 25-metre swimming pool, gym, and a range of other sports facilities.

It is expected that the new sports complex will bring more visitors to the area, as well as creating jobs for local people.

Political Scene

Crawley is served by Crawley Borough Council, which is made up of 48 councillors from 20 different wards. The mayor for 2020-2021 is Cllr Peter Lamb, who was elected in May 2019. The current council leader is Cllr Peter Smith and the Deputy Leader is Cllr Chris Mullins. The council regularly holds elections to decide who will represent each ward. The most recent election took place in May 2019, with all wards electing new councillors.

The next election is due to take place in May 2021. The council makes decisions on a range of issues that affect life in Crawley, including planning, housing, finance, health and safety, and education. They also work with other local authorities and organisations to ensure the best possible outcomes for Crawley’s residents. In addition to local government elections, Crawley also has two Members of Parliament, Henry Smith for the Conservative Party and Peter Kyle for the Labour Party. The political scene in Crawley is constantly changing, and it's important to stay informed about the latest news and developments. This article provides an overview of the current political scene in Crawley, including recent elections, upcoming events, and details of current councillors and MPs.

Upcoming Events

Crawley is a bustling city with plenty of activities and events taking place all year round.

From festivals and celebrations to major projects and initiatives, there's always something new to explore. If you're looking for upcoming festivals and celebrations, Crawley has plenty to offer. The city hosts a number of local events throughout the year, such as the Crawley Carnival, which takes place in the summer months. There's also the Crawley Festival of Music, an annual event that showcases local talent.

As well as local festivals and celebrations, Crawley also plays host to a number of national and international events. The city is home to the Crawley International Air Show, which takes place in the summer months and attracts thousands of visitors from across the country. In addition, Crawley hosts the Crawley World Cup every four years, featuring teams from across the world. In terms of major projects and initiatives being undertaken in Crawley, there are a number of projects being developed by the local council. These include plans for a new town centre, improvements to public transport links, and an ongoing regeneration project for the city centre.

Finally, Crawley is also home to a number of cultural events and exhibitions throughout the year. The city is host to the Crawley Arts Festival each year, which showcases a range of local and international talent. There are also regular exhibitions at the town's museum, which are sure to be of interest to locals and visitors alike. Crawley is a vibrant city with plenty of exciting news and events happening all year round. From recent headlines to upcoming events and the political scene, there is always something new to explore.

By staying up-to-date with local news stories and events, residents can stay informed and involved in their community. This article provides an overview of what's happening in Crawley so that readers can get a better understanding of what's going on.