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Buses in Crawley: A Comprehensive Overview

Find out all about Crawley's public transport options, including buses. Learn about routes, timetables, and more.

Buses in Crawley: A Comprehensive Overview

Crawley is a bustling town in West Sussex, England, and is home to a reliable and extensive public transport network. Buses in Crawley are the most popular form of public transportation, providing travelers with a convenient and affordable way to get around. In this comprehensive overview, we'll explore the different bus routes available in Crawley, the companies that operate them, as well as some of the other public transport options available in the area. From local bus services to coach services connecting Crawley with other towns and cities across the country, buses play an important role in the local transport network. With so many different bus routes available, it can be difficult to know which one to take.

That's why we've put together this guide – to help you make informed decisions about your transport options in Crawley.

Buses in Crawley:

The main bus operator in Crawley is Metrobus. They provide services to and from the town centre, as well as to other towns and villages within the county. Metrobus has an extensive network of routes, covering all areas of Crawley and beyond. When using buses in Crawley, you can pay with cash or contactless card.

You can also use a Metrobus ticket, which can be purchased online or from a ticket machine at the bus station. If you're looking for information on specific routes, timetables and fares, you can find this information on Metrobus' website. You can also find information on bus stops, and how to get from one place to another. In addition to Metrobus, there are other bus operators that run services throughout Crawley. These include Arriva, Compass Travel and Brighton & Hove Buses.

Each operator has different routes and fares, so it's important to check their websites for more information. If you're travelling to Crawley from outside of the town, you can use National Express coaches which run from London Victoria Coach Station to Gatwick Airport. From there, you can then take a shuttle bus to Crawley station or catch one of the local Metrobus services. Crawley also has a park and ride service which operates from three car parks in the town – Tilgate, Southgate and Town Centre. This service runs seven days a week and provides a convenient way to get into the town centre.

The cost of parking is included in the fare. For those with mobility issues, there is an Accessible Transport Service run by Metrobus. This service provides door-to-door transport for people who are unable to use regular bus services due to physical disabilities or age-related mobility issues. The service is free for those with a valid Accessible Transport Card. Finally, if you're travelling with children under five years old, they travel for free on Metrobus buses as long as they're accompanied by an adult. If your child is aged 5–16, they will need a child ticket which can be purchased online or from ticket machines at the bus station.

Park & Ride Service

The Park & Ride service in Crawley is a convenient and affordable way to get around the town.

It allows commuters to park their cars in one of the designated parking areas and then take a bus to their destination. This service is available Monday to Saturday, with the first bus leaving at 7am and the last bus departing at 11pm. The fare for the service is £3 for a single journey or £2.50 for a return journey. Once you have parked your car in one of the designated parking areas, you can then board the bus from one of the four stops located around Crawley. The buses offer regular services throughout the day, taking passengers to various destinations around the town.

All buses are wheelchair accessible and are equipped with CCTV for added safety. The Park & Ride service is an ideal option for those who want to explore Crawley without having to worry about finding a place to park. It is also an economical and convenient way of getting around, as it offers good value for money.

Children's Tickets

Children aged up to 5 can travel for free on Metrobus services in Crawley, while those aged between 5 and 15 can travel with a Child 1-Day, 1-Week, 4-Week or Annual Ticket. These tickets offer discounted fares, with the 1-Week Ticket offering unlimited travel for a week for just £13.50. The Child 1-Day Ticket allows up to four children of any age to travel together for just £5.00.

This ticket is valid until 4am the following day, allowing children to make the most of their day out. For those who live in Crawley, there is also the option to purchase an Annual Child Ticket which gives unlimited travel on Metrobus services for a whole year. This ticket costs just £204.00 per child and is ideal for those who need to use public transport on a regular basis. It is important to note that all children must be accompanied by an adult when using Metrobus services in Crawley.

Other Bus Operators

In addition to Metrobus, there are several other bus operators providing services in Crawley. These include Crawley Borough Council's own bus service, the West Sussex County Council-run Dial-a-Ride service, and the National Express Coach service. Each of these services has its own advantages and disadvantages, and it is worth considering each option to find the best one for your needs. Crawley Borough Council's bus service offers a regular and reliable service throughout the town.

Its routes are typically shorter than those of other operators, so it may be a good choice if you only need to travel a short distance. The downside is that the buses may be less frequent than those of other operators. The West Sussex County Council-run Dial-a-Ride service provides a more flexible service for those with mobility difficulties. Passengers can book a ride up to seven days in advance and choose their pick-up and drop-off locations.

This service is often free of charge, but it may be limited in terms of availability. Finally, the National Express Coach service provides a more extensive network of routes than the other operators, making it ideal for longer journeys. However, its fares can be more expensive than those of other operators.

Routes & Timetables

When planning a journey in Crawley, Metrobus provides the most comprehensive information about routes and timetables. The website has a detailed list of available routes, as well as timetables for each route.

You can also find out about any disruptions or changes to the route, as well as any special services that may be running. For those looking to explore the area further afield, Metrobus also provides information about their services to other nearby towns and cities. This information can be found on the website, as well as at their customer service office in Crawley. To make sure you get the most up-to-date and accurate information, it is important to check the Metrobus website regularly for any changes or updates. They also provide a useful journey planner, which can help you plan your journey and make sure you arrive at your destination on time.

Travelling from Outside Crawley

National Express Coaches are a great way to get to Crawley from outside of the town. With frequent services operating from multiple destinations across the UK, National Express is one of the most convenient and cost effective ways to travel to Crawley.

National Express Coaches offer a range of services to get you to Crawley from destinations across the UK. Whether you're travelling from London, Birmingham, Manchester, or any other major city, you can find a service that will get you there. When booking tickets with National Express, you can take advantage of their ‘Fares Finder’ tool, which allows you to compare prices for different services and book the best deal for your journey. Another great feature of National Express is their ‘PlusBus’ ticket.

With this ticket, you can get unlimited bus travel around Crawley on the day of your journey for one set price. This is perfect for those who want to explore the area without having to worry about paying for individual journeys.

Accessible Transport Service

The Accessible Transport Service is a free public transport service available to those with mobility difficulties or impairments. This service is provided by Crawley Borough Council in partnership with local bus companies and is available to anyone who is registered with the service. The service provides users with door-to-door transport, operating on a pre-booked basis and usually requires 24 hours’ notice.

To use the Accessible Transport Service, users must first register online or by phone, and complete a form to provide details of their mobility requirements. Once registered, users can request journeys through the online booking system, or by calling the Customer Services team. The team will then arrange a suitable vehicle for the user, with assistance from a fully trained driver. All vehicles are wheelchair accessible and have friendly and helpful drivers.

The Accessible Transport Service also offers a Dial-a-Ride service which allows users to book short journeys within the borough. These journeys are usually provided free of charge and can be booked up to seven days in advance. The Accessible Transport Service is a great way for people with mobility difficulties or impairments to get around Crawley easily and safely. It provides a convenient and reliable way to travel and is an invaluable resource for those who may not otherwise be able to access public transport.

Children's Tickets

Children can travel for free or discounted fares on Metrobus services in Crawley.

Metrobus offers a range of discounted tickets for children aged 5-16, including day tickets and weekly tickets. Children aged 5 and under travel for free when accompanied by an adult with a valid ticket. The Metrobus Family Ticket is an excellent option for families travelling together, offering unlimited travel for two adults and up to four children. The Family Ticket is valid for one day and can be purchased from the driver. Children aged 11 and under can also take advantage of the Metrobus Kids Go Free Scheme, which allows them to travel for free after 9am on Saturdays and all day on Sundays and bank holidays. This scheme is valid on all Metrobus services in Crawley, with the exception of the X28. For more information about tickets and fares, visit the Metrobus website or contact the Crawley Transport Information Centre.

Children's Tickets

Metrobus services in Crawley offer special discounts and free travel for children.

Those aged between 5 and 15 can travel for free on Metrobus services when accompanied by an adult, while children aged between 5 and 18 can travel for half price when using a KeyGo card. Children aged under 5 can travel for free at all times. To take advantage of these fares, children must carry a valid identification card. This could be a passport, birth certificate, or any other form of photographic identification, such as a school photo ID card.

In addition to reduced fares, Metrobus also offers a range of special offers and discounts throughout the year. These include discounts on family tickets and group travel, as well as special deals for students and young people. Crawley has an extensive public transport network, with buses being one of the most popular options. Whether you're travelling from outside of the town or just looking for a convenient way to get around Crawley itself, there are plenty of options available. Be sure to check out all the different bus operators and their routes before you travel, so you can make sure you get where you need to go. Routes & Timetables, Other Bus Operators, Travelling from Outside Crawley, Park & Ride Service, Accessible Transport Service, and Children's Tickets are all important considerations when it comes to finding the best option for your travels in Crawley.

With such a comprehensive range of public transport options available, it's never been easier to get around the town.